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7 Home Remedies for Neck Pain

Poor posture and muscle strain are common causes of neck pain. It is mild in severity and resolves in a few days with or without no intervention.

This article highlights different ways to treat mild neck pain at home.

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Home Remedies for Neck Pain

  1. Over-the-counter medication: Use pain relievers such as acetaminophen, ibuprofen. These can be conveniently acquired over the counter without a prescription.
  2.  Ice or heat therapy: Applying an ice pack on the neck for 15 minutes three or more times daily can help relieve the pain. Strained muscles can also be eased by taking a hot bath.
  3.  Neck stretches: Gently and slowly turn your neck from right to left and up and down. This helps stretch the neck and is a great remedy for neck pain.
  4.  Yoga: Yoga has been shown to relieve pain and improve function. Yoga poses that help relieve neck pain include neck rolls, seated forward bend, cross body shoulder stretch, and two-footed pose.
  5.  Use of supportive neck pillows: These are also called cervical pillows. Studies have shown that neck pillows provide good cervical support and relieve neck pain. Common types of neck pillows include neck rolls, D-core, standard contour pillows, and horseshoe-shaped pillows.
  6.  Avoiding contact sports and heavy lifting: Avoid activities that strain the neck muscles or subject the neck to injury.
  7. Keep a good posture: If you spend so much time working on your computer, keep your back supported, and make sure that your computer monitor is at eye level.

When To See The Doctor

Neck pain usually goes away after a few days. It is important to get medical help if the symptoms persist for more than a week. Also see the doctor if neck pain is associated with the following symptoms:

  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • fever
  • headache
  • neck swelling
  • numbness
  • pain that radiates down your arms or legs
  • inability to move your arms or hands
  • inability to touch your chin to your chest



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