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Keith Black – Biography, Age, Wife, Medical Education, Career & Net Worth

Keith Black (born September 13, 1957) is a board-certified American neurosurgeon in Los Angeles, California. He serves as the chairman of the neurosurgery department and director of the Maxine Dunitz Neurosurgical Institute at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California.

Black subspecializes in skull base, brain and spinal tumor and pituitary surgery.

Keith Black

Keith Black Facts

  • Full Name: Keith Lanier Black
  • Age: 65 years old
  • Date of Birth: September 13, 1957
  • Place of Birth: Tuskegee, Alabama
  • Occupation: Neurosurgeon
  • Nationality: American
  • Wife: Carol Black

Keith Black Medical School & Residency

  • University of Michigan Health System – Residency, Neurological Surgery, 1981-1987
  • University of Michigan Medical School – Medical School

Keith Black Career

Black has been a frequent subject of media reports on medical advances in neurosurgery. He was featured in a 1996 episode of the PBS program The New Explorers entitled “Outsmarting the Brain”. Esquire included him in its November 1999 “Genius Issue” as one of the “21 Most Important People of the 21st Century.” He has been cited as an expert in reports about whether mobile phone use affects the incidence of brain tumors.

He is also noted for his very busy surgery schedule: a 2004 Discover article noted that he performs about 250 brain surgeries per year, and that at age 46 he had “already performed more than 4,000 brain surgeries, the medical equivalent of closing in on baseball’s all-time career hits record.” (As of 2009, Black’s surgery count had risen to “more than 5,000 operations for resection of brain tumors”.)

In 1997, Time magazine featured Black on the cover of a special edition called “Heroes of Medicine”. The accompanying article described Black’s reputation as a surgeon who would operate on tumors that other doctors would not, as well as aspects of his medical research, including his discovery that the peptide bradykinin can be effective in opening the blood–brain barrier.

In 2009 Black published his autobiography, co-authored with Arnold Mann, entitled Brain Surgeon.  New York Times reviewer Abigail Zuger described the book as a “fascinating, if somewhat stilted, memoir”. The Publishers Weekly review commented that the book “examines racial hurdles he had to leap to become a neurosurgeon” and “alternat[es] incisive writing about incisions with his personal memoir, insightful and inspirational.”

Certifications & Licensure

  • American Board of Neurological Surgery – Certified in Neurological Surgery
  • MI State Medical License – Active through 2025
  • CA State Medical License – Active through 2024
  • NC State Medical License – Active through 2022
  • OR State Medical License – Active through 2022

Hospital Affiliations

  • Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA

Location & Contact Information

Neurosurgery – Pavilion
8700 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90048

Expert Publications

Data provided by the National Library of Medicine

  • Regulation of blood-brain tumor barrier permeability by calcium-activated
  • Increased endothelial vesicular transport correlates with increased blood-tumor barrier permeability induced by bradykinin and leukotriene C4.
  • Overexpression of bradykinin type 2 receptors on glioma cells enhances bradykinin-mediated blood-brain tumor barrier permeability increase.
  • Molecular and functional analysis of tyrosinase-related protein (TRP)-2 as a cytotoxic T lymphocyte target in patients with malignant glioma.
  • Calcium-dependent potassium channels as a target protein for modulation of the blood-brain tumor barrier.
  • Thymic function and output of recent thymic emigrant T cells during intracranial glioma progression.
  • Intratumoral T cell subset ratios and Fas ligand expression on brain tumor endothelium.
    Measurement of blood-brain and blood-tumor barrier permeabilities with [14C]-labeled tracers.
  • Antisense inhibition of laminin-8 expression reduces invasion of human gliomas in vitro.
  • Adenosine 5′-triphosphate-sensitive potassium channel-mediated blood-brain tumor barrier permeability increase in a rat brain tumor model.
  • Characterization of defective CD4-CD8- T cells in murine tumors generated independent of antigen specificity.
  • AIM-2: a novel tumor antigen is expressed and presented by human glioma cells.
  • Modulation of brain tumor capillaries for enhanced drug delivery selectively to brain tumor.
  • Vaccination with tumor lysate-pulsed dendritic cells elicits antigen-specific, cytotoxic T-cells in patients with malignant glioma.
  • Association between laminin-8 and glial tumor grade, recurrence, and patient survival.

Keith Black Net Worth

Keith Balck has an estimated net worth of $5 million.


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