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Bent Penis – Causes, Complications & When To See The Doctor

Bent Penis

When erect, some men have a penis that curves to the side, upward, or downward. This is rather common, and most guys do not have an issue with it. In general, a bent penis is only a cause for concern if your erections are uncomfortable or if your penis’ curvature interferes with intercourse.

Causes of Bent Penis

When sexually aroused, blood rushes into spongelike areas within the penis, enlarging and hardening it. Generally, a bent penis results when these areas do not extend uniformly. This is most frequently caused by typical variances in penis morphology, but occasionally scar tissue or another issue results in a bent penis and painful erections.

A bent penis may be caused by two rare conditions including:

Peyronie’s disease

Peyronie’s disease is a penis-specific inflammatory disorder. Due to the formation of fibrous scar tissue (plaque) beneath the penis’ skin, the penis may become twisted or bent.

The source of Peyronie’s disease is unknown, however, it could be related to a past penile injury that resulted in internal bleeding, or it could be an autoimmune disorder. Males over the age of 40 are more likely to get the illness.

Peyronie’s disease symptoms vary according to the individual affected. Certain men may experience mild symptoms that disappear without treatment. Others may experience more severe symptoms, such as decreased penile flexibility and discomfort during an erection.

Bent penis caused by Peyronie’s disease can be noticeable with or without an erection and is often linked with pain, penis shortening, and painful or difficult sexual intercourse.

Penile fracture

A penile fracture caused by an erection may result in a bent penis. Sudden or violent bending of an erected penis may rupture one or both of the penis’s cylinders that fill with blood to produce an erection.

Penile fractures most frequently occur as a result of abrupt shifts in movement during violent intercourse or masturbation. Men undergoing radiation therapy or surgery for prostate cancer are at the greatest risk of developing a penile fracture.

When To See The Doctor

Generally, a bent penis does not require treatment. However, if you have a significantly bent penis that causes pain or obstructs sex, you should consult a doctor. You may require the services of a doctor who specializes in sexual and urinary disorders (urologist).

Complications of Bent Penis

Due to the possibility that a bent penis is caused by a penile fracture, failure to seek treatment may result in serious consequences and permanent damage. Once the underlying reason has been identified, it is critical that you adhere to the treatment plan that you and your health care provider have developed individually for you in order to minimize the risk of any problems, which may include the following:

  • Chronic pain or discomfort
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Permanent deformity
  • Reduced self-esteem



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